Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cable Cosplay- Grenade Pouches Tutorial

Welcome back to my Cable Cosplay tutorial series! This time, I'll walk you through how I made the grenade pouches.

You will need:

  • grenade
  • fabric (camo)
  • lining
  • velcro

First, you need to choose your grenades. I decided to go with nerf rocket bullets. I've seen other people use deodorant. Whatever you choose, you will need it to make your pattern. Roughly sketch out on a sheet of paper around your grenade.

Neaten this up, using a ruler. This is the inside dimensions of your pouch. I decided to create my pattern as 2 strips of fabric, connect like a lower case t.

Be sure to add a seam allowance.

Cut out pattern from your fabric and lining. Remember, you need 3 pouches so you will need 3 copies of each pattern in your fabric and in your lining.

Sew the lining to the outer fabric for all of the pieces (3 long, 3 short). I did this by putting right sides together, sewing across two of the long sides and one of the short. Then, turn your tube right side out. Press out the corners and seams. Tuck in the open end, and top stitch around the entire perimeter.

Mark where the long and short pieces fit together, pin, and sew.

Mark your fabric for velcro placement. I sewed a tiny 1/8" seam at the bend (first image) to help it keep a rectangular shape. Sew in velcro.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to attach my pouches to the vest. I'm still not sure. So for right now I have them safety pinned in place. You could also attach velcro to the back of the pouch and to the strap of your vest. I was afraid the velcro wouldn't hold the pouch on if it was hit. Or, you could create a loop for the vest to slide through. Honestly, the safety pin is working pretty well, so I'll probably leave it.

The velcro how I have it makes it fairly easy to fix the attachment issue later. It also let's me keep the pouch tight (which is good since I accidentally added too much seam allowance and it's a bit big).

I also ended up hot gluing the grenade in place because it kept falling out of the pouch (my fault, as I made it a bit too big).

And you're finished! Pouches are assembled!

And as always, keep cosplaying!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cable cosplay- BFG part 2

Are you ready for part two?? Let's add those details!

For the top details, I measured across the top width and added 1 inch. I cut out a long strip of foam (5mm I believe) this size, then cut 1/2 inch wide strips from that.

1/2 inch in on each piece, I cut a small groove to help it fold over the gun. Glue using contact cement. I kind of eyeballed where they should go. You can measure to keep it consistent.

I rushed the grenade launcher and I'm not happy with how it turned out. Basically, I used a pool noodle and cut it to size, the found some ribbed tubing that was large enough to go around it. I then glued it to the underside. This is something I will be fixing on my upgrade.

I had an old toy rifle in my cosplay stash. I deconstructed it and used the scope and barrel shroud. I glued these on using e6000. I also glued on a cheap flashlight (I removed the batteries first to decrease weight).

To make the muzzle guard, I measure around the circumference of the dowel rod and cut that out of 5 mm foam (I actually used a left over strip from the ones I cut for the top of the gun). Glue ends together to form a circle. Cut a larger rectangle (size is up to you) out of 2-3 mm foam. Measure out or eyeball your holes. Punch holes.

Glue to circle, and then glue ends together. I actually made 2 of these, one in black and one in orange so I could have the black one for my photos.

Paint time! Coat everything in 2 or more layers of plastidip. I think I did 3. Paint everything black (except orange tip, paint that orange). Using a dry brush technique, age your gun using a dark silver.


And as always, keep cosplaying!