Monday, September 3, 2018

Cosplay Tutorial: Stomacher

The first time I made Rococo Belle, I created a front panel that velcroed on. When I decided to revamp the cosplay, I knew I would switch that out for a stomacher. This is a walk-through of how I did that.

First, I created my pattern. I used the old panel, and added a 3 cm seam allowance all the way around.

Next, I cut out one of my main fabric and two out of my coutil. In hindsight, interfacing the main fabric would have been a great idea.

Now, creating the boning channels. The stomacher needs to be stiff. Create as many channels as needed to create the effect. I made 3 vertical and 3 horizontal. Measure and sketch them out.

Sew your channels, making sure to leave the cross areas open.

Insert your horizontal boning.

I decided to do large bows for my stomacher, but if you want to embroider it, do that now.
Attach main fabric to coutil. I used a 3 cm seam allowance along the bottom and a 1.5 cm allowance along the sides. Also, insert ribbons along the side for pinning your stomacher.

Turn right side out. Do a small seam across the top.

Add bows/ details.

I'm going to include a little photo tutorial of how I made the jewels for the bows (and gown).

I'm indecisive if I'll leave the top seam alone or add a ruffle to cover it.
And finished!

And as always, keep cosplaying!